The Kayak Wing with Wedge

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  • Sold as a Complete Set, No Other Parts necessary
  • Quick and Easy Install- No Hardware, No Hassle
  • Sturdy, Reliable, and Lightweight
  • 5 year warranty against breakage
  • Made in the USA!

The Wedge is angled to simplify loading and make space available for another Kayak, bikes, or even a roof box. The Wedge is as efficient as the "J" bars with a lower mounting height. The Wedge can be turned to the left or the right to further increase carrying capacity. The Wedge and the Wing have similar points of attachment and fit the same easy way on your roof rack. Note: A minimum clearance of 1 ½" is necessary between the roof of the car and the underside of your roof rack.


Recommended for kayaks up to 30" wide.

Maximum crossbar width of 2.25", Wedge Only.